Screen resolution

The native screen resolution of Jewel Match 4 is 1280x960, however the boards will be filled until 1680x1050 if the screen size allow it.


On a smaller screen, like a netbook, the game will run on 1024x768 pixels.

You can force the game to run on such low resolution if you check "Low resolution" in the Options menu from the Main menu. If you feel that the game runs too slowly, that's also a possibility.


 JM4 low resolution mode


The gems will looks 'crisper' if you run the game on a 1680x1050 screen. On a larger screen, playing in windowed mode will provide the crisper look, although it really depends on the quality of the resizing chips of your screen. If the gems looks slightly blurred, try the windowed mode.


Below some screen shots made in full screen but at various resolutions :

gems sizes at various screen resolutions




Low resolution mode can also be used to display bigger gems, althougth less crips and of course with much less gems at a time to fill the screen.



Last edited: 12/05/2015