Crashs, technical issues ?

Crash at start ?

"Anonymous" is displayed in the User's account menu, can't enter a new name or start a new game.

For a unknown reason, a config file of the game had been corrupted and can not be read by the game. The only solution is to delete that file.

The next time you will start the game, "config.txt" will be re-created with default settings. With some luck, you may continue your game progress.


Where to find that file ? Follow theses instructions:

Uninstalling/re-installing the game will not work to reset the game at its default settings.
In order to restart the game from scratch ,the games datas have to be deleted. This will not delete the game, just the datas stored while playing, like score, user's name, music volume... and game progress unfortunatly ;-/
On Windows 7/8, you'll have to find the directory named Jewel Match 4. It should be in :
Where "UserName" is the name of your computer's account name.
By example, my computer's name is Toto so the directory will be
C:\Users\Toto\AppData\Roaming\Jewel Match 4
Just delete the file config.txt that is inside that directory. Start the game. Did it solve the issue ?
If not, and if you want to totally reset the game, delete the entire directory.
If you are unsure about deleting a directory, just rename it. The next time JM4 will start, it will create a new working directory.
Of course, all progress will be reset, but the game will start refreshed.
That directory may be hided, you can follow the link "Running your game as administrator"  to see how to unhide it , it is explained at the beginning of the page :


Crash issues, what to do.


Some users reported a crash of the game at start, before anything appear on screen. It may display a "Exception access violation" warning message.

We are actively seeking the cause of that issue and provide a fix, if possible.

Most often, the problem is related to video drivers or video settings. It may happens more likely if you have a multi-monitor system. In that case you may try to switch of temporary the multi-monitor settings, run the game and change its video setting to Windowed mode.

In recent versions of Jewel Match 4, there is an option in the Options Menu to enable the "OpenGL" video mode, check it eventually.

On quite old PCs, a possible the source of problem may be about the amount of virtual memory handled by your system.

See here for example to increase the virtual memory on Windows XP :


If you meet such problem, please write a mail to Rémi ( with some details about your PC (RAM amount, Windows version, screen size, video card etc...)

Last edited: 12/05/2015