Gameplay tips by Kathy Lew

Kathy's tips

-Items that need to be dropped off the bottom (amulets, keys, hammer load) can also be picked up if you hit them with a fishbone.

Launcher random

-My favorite spells to use are the bomb, fireball, and chain lightning. Upgrading past medium is a matter of personal preference, but the large spells empty out the mana bar with one use.

-The second and third hammers take out 2 spaces on either side of the tile clicked upon (the third hammer also clears all of one color tile). You can take advantage of this if you have the third hammer to break out all of one tile type and shatter an ice cube if you position the hammer one space away from the ice.

-Buy all the scene upgrades whenever you can. Even when I played the limited moves mode there were always enough tiles available to buy all the upgrades in every scene. If you forget to buy scene upgrades the game may get stuck at a checkpoint until you do buy whatever parts of the scene are left.

-If the tile counter reads zero, open up the mini-map by clicking on the box at the upper left corner of the screen and check to see if there are any amulets left in a room somewhere you need to collect, or any treasure bags left somewhere. The crypt rooms will not automatically complete just from getting the stars.

-You can exit out of the crypts early by clicking the "continue" button at the lower left of the screen if you're about to run out of time or moves, or just don't want to keep playing the board.

-The fishbone spell is really only useful if it's in a middle of a room because it'll stop as soon as it hits any walls.


Tips for the M3 minigames :

-The cross shaped item with rotating circles around it is "add time" or "add moves" depending on if you are playing the M3 race or the M3 limited moves minigame.
Minimap and time bonus
-In M3 race mode, it really helps to have the mini-map open so you can see what tiles are left. The map updates in real time as you're playing and clearing tiles. At a minimum you need to clear all the tiles and amulets from the board before the "continue" button will appear and allow you to exit. If you want to "finish" the board you need to clear all tiles, amulets, and coin bags.

-In the M3 limited moves minigames there are special locked tiles with a symbol and number on them. You need to collect the number of that symbol by making matches in the board to remove the locked tiles. Sometimes the scroll arrows are locked in the same manner, but if not, it can help to scroll to another room to collect the requisite tiles that will unlock the spaces elsewhere.


Advanced tips :

-The stomper box takes out tiles, chains, and wood boxes in a 3 space wide column so is quite useful for clearing out stubborn spots in rooms. Trigger it by making a match next to it or hitting it with a fishbone. Stomper boxes get hung up on the wood boxes a bit longer than the other tile types though. They get completely stuck if a mana bottle, hammer load, or amulet is underneath of it.

-Don't use the bomb on an area with a stomper box [update: or fishbones] because it will remove the stomper box/fishbones.

-Ice cubes can be broken with the second or third hammers, fishbones, any level of the bomb spell, or a medium level or higher fireball spell.

-The hammers can sometimes remove wood boxes, sometimes not (depends on the level; I did the trial and error thing). Don't try using the third hammer on wood boxes though; they didn't make the game *that* easy!

-You need to find all the keys out of the rooms in order to complete the levels. If there is a part of a room with keyhole spaces, there's a key for those spots elsewhere in the level to find before that part of the room will open up and populate with tiles. Sometimes it's best to scroll around the rooms and not do the first available room because of this.

-Wood boxes that hide keys or other items will sparkle a bit when there aren't a lot of tiles left to clear in the room.

-The little tune that used to mean the hammer is charged in older JM games now means all the tiles have been cleared out of that room. However, that doesn't mean you are necessarily done with that room since you still need to check for amulets or keys.


Thanks to Kathy Lew for her expert tips.

Last edited: 03/11/2015