Find the level number

If you look for some help about a level in the walkthrough section, you will see that this section ordered by 'level number'.

The level number is displayed in the "Level" panel in the board interface. That number is the number of different levels that you already played.However, depending on the way you play (more or less 'efficiently'), that number may not be the level number you are seeking for in the walkthrough section.

You know, devellopers tends to complicate things ;-)

There is a cheat code in the game to allow you to display the number of the currently played level :


Hit (left)control+L  and while keeping the keys down have a look at the game screen.

It should looks like this.



The second number IS the number you are looking for.

In that example, it means that the player already played 35 levels and 'reached' the adventure level 32.

Yes, there are 54 'adventure' levels but way more levels to play !


Last edited: 12/05/2015